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...our eQ Models and Red Carpet Club Members meet up Inworld, to explore new places, and check out interesting events going on in VR communities and public arenas. Afterwards, they post poems and images in the eQ Galleries, to share their intriguing virtual experiences with the outside world...with Real-Life YOU!

When you see or hear something that peaks your interest, use it as a prompt to get creative, and post what you feel inspired to share! If it's an interactive Poem-Making exercise from the BDSM Boudoir, then just fill in the blanks as you play along in the blog post.


VERBIAGE:  If you read, see, or hear something posted that inspires you, don't be shy...DIVE IN and RUN with it!!

Write a full-on poem, or just the first three words that pop into your head...then, POST IT!

VISUALS:  Show us whatchya got!  Maybe you've been on some escapades of your OWN and have the perfect images to go with our centerpiece shares...POST IT!

VOICE PERFORMANCES:  Not much of a writer, or just "camera-shy"?  Submit a recording of your voice for Open-Mic Night, or a cool soundtrack for others to play with. You'll be surprised to see how much you inspire others!


...the "Flavor of the Month" selections go into production, and are put on display in the BDSM Boudoir and VIP Guest Lounge Galleries...WITHOUT exposing the original Creators' secret passions and personal identities to the entire Internet. (Well...unless of course, they want to be exposed!) >:-)


...10 Contributors are selected for the Official Exhibition Season Showcase.

VIP Guests and eQ Members whose submissions are selected for Commissioned Exhibition* in any of the Main Stage Galleries**, get to see what it feels like to be the center of attention!

Take a moment to explore, OR!...just reach out by email. Our eQ Night Life Curators are here for you! (Well...most of the time.) ;-)

Send submissions to:



image_original eye collage for Mundo Ade

Check out the poems & images posted by ErosQ Writers, Models & Members


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Add some extra sugar & spice of your own, to the posts you like most.



See how your creations and collaborative works inspire others!


Full VIP Access & Memberships are available by INVITATION ONLY. 

Got questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you!

5 Players are selected for each exhibition season.

Send submissions to:

** For Commissioned Exhibition consideration, submissions must be emailed, with the understanding and acknowledgement that:

1. You are over the age of 21.

2. is NOT a porn site, or dating network. erosQ is a creative platform and social club for Erotic Art and Poetry Enthusiasts, and safe online entertainment & education for mature audiences. As such, and its authorized eQ Creative Curators do NOT accept random genital shots or obscene selfies for Showcase consideration, and "trolling", "flaming", or otherwise harassing eQ Affiliates and Club Members will NOT be tolerated. Violators will be banned from all eQ affiliated networks, and reported to authorities. Period.

2. You may only submit original works that you created yourself, and/or hold legal ownership rights to display, promote, and/or sell. Visual montages and mash-ups created with content from the Creative Commons database, and/or legally acquired 3rd-party stock image libraries will be accepted, but must be noted as such in the credits of your submission.

3. You maintain ownership rights to your own original works, while granting permission for erosQ and eQ Creative Curators to display, edit, and/or share your submitted works with the public and/or eQ Club Members and Affiliates for entertainment and/or educational purposes.  

4. erosQ and eQ Creative Curators reserve Non-Exclusive rights to any commissioned work and/or collaborative pieces that Submittors have been paid for.

(Translation: if you got paid for your work to be showcased, your voice to be recorded, or your Avatar to be featured on a website or in an Art Exhibition, then erosQ and eQ Creative Curators have the right to use it, sell it, and/or continually display it...and you maintain the right to do the same. So basically, every authorized Player and credited Participant who makes a creative contribution to a finished erosQ showcase piece, has the right to promote, sell, or display those collaborative works for their own personal entertainment or professional business purpose**...hence the term, Non-Exclusive.)

**As deemed appropriate and legal by FCC standards and Regulatory guidelines.

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