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An iPM collaboration, originally written and performed by Paco-Michelle Atwood & Tito Titus (Little Red Studio Poets).  First published in the 2013 release of World Inside Designer Jeans, this work was later selected for Official eQ Showcase, featuring new voice performances and visual montages.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sometime the quartet, sometimes the trio

But every time a duet can be gleaned...well maybe

Maybe it makes fire

Like the striking of sticks in tinder

Like the kiss of a Desperado

His motto?...unwritten...unseen, at least to the

naked eye

He never asks why or where or when

He at the right moment

Like a poem

A hungry mouth...a hungry mouth that pays no attention

But hungers for the duet...for the dance

For the way she moves when she says

I'm wet...I just met the most amazing moment

The most engaging storm to torment my nights

With blissful thoughts of pleasantries...set your mind at ease

Set your mind at ease

For the days grow short no more!



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